SIT Furniture Design Award Winning Home Office Solution

! Now looking for cooperation to bring the product to the market !


The discrete home office sideboard

This piece of furniture origins from the need to have a home office integrated in the living room. The annoyance of an untidy desk messing up a living room and the constant reminder of the work to be done started the process of finding a better solution.

The use of home office is increasing, not only because of the pandemic.

The design brief was simple: High-end home office solution which is comfortable and practical during working hours, invisible after work. Should be able to produce in series and not taking to much space.

  - The psychological effect of being able to store away the office is underestimated: out of sight, out of mind. - 

The product is an innovative solution where known technology is integrated to make the best of both worlds: working and living. With “SecretAir” you can work efficiently at a fully equipped office desk in your living room during the day. When the working day is over and in weekends, the office is effortlessly transformed into a nice sideboard, bringing back the tranquil atmosphere of home.

Manually open the sideboard middle door. By levering the lower panel, the rest of the plates follow in a discrete groove on each side of the door. When completely open, the door locks safely in a snap position. The small lid is fixated with a magnet on both insides of the two front panels.

By pressing the up/down-button (physical button or in the app), two electrical, synchronized actuators are activated. Adjust the height of the table to your preferred sit position.

Sketching needs a different height then PC work. Children can do homework on their preferred height. Just add a comfortable chair and enjoy your work, studies or hobby.

In the end of the working day, simply lower the desk and close the doors. 

I am Wouter Myny, a Belgian industrial designer, living in Bergen Norway.

I am team leader for product design and senior product designer at Inventas AS. The company is Norway’s leading one stop shop for product development consulting. I have a long time experience in design of products where the user experience plays a central role.

In furniture design I use my technological experience from other fields to improve the life of it’s users. This results in unexpected innovative products that make a change.

SecretAir is a project developed besides daytime work. It has great potential. I would like to bring the product to the market in cooperation with a furniture company. Further development of an entire product family is also of interest.

Feel free to contact me to discuss the project.